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Early October: Sean approached the band with an idea for a new music video and website design. Honestly, I didn’t understand it at first. It’s hard to grasp an idea that you have never experienced before. From what I could gather, the idea involved having a “free” show in Orlando where the only admission was a light-bulb and a camera. He said somehow the lightbulb would be used during part of the show when people would come on stage and plug them in to the backdrop. While this was happening, everyone would be videotaping their perspective. These perspectives would then be compiled along with professional footage to make a music video and tell the story of the night. The idea also involved community coming together, souls singing, and an artistic reminder that Glory always shines through.


Mid-October: We went searching for a venue. We envisioned an old barn with high ceilings, hay on the second story, bare wood… the type of setting that if you think about it too much, you may get creeped out. We went searching… and searching… and searching. (This is for free, but if you are ever looking for the barn just described in Central Florida, you may find some great landscapes and really great people, but you will probably not find what you are looking for and waste a lot of gas.) We looked up barns online, took suggestions from people, used all of the resources we could think of… nothing was working. It was horribly frustrating. These are the days I would rather block out because I don’t like to admit that confusion and frustration exist. I would much rather jump into a formula that has already proven itself to work and ignore the truth that risk and faith often go hand in hand.


December: Still had the idea. Still searching. Still no venue. Still frustrated.


February 2: We realized that Relevant Magazine had a space at their offices that was used for acoustic shows and podcast recordings. I was able to check out the space thanks to Theresa Dobritch and the Relevant Magazine staff. Michael Dalton, who agreed to shoot and edit the video came to check it out as well. After many phone conversations, the plans began to take shape. We decided that the show would be February 12th and that people would be informed of the night through social media outlets, word of mouth, videos, anything we could come up with. But if you do the math… February 2nd and 12th are 10 days apart. Not a ton of time to pull it off. Not to mention we could have 10 people show up, 200 people, perhaps no one. Risk and faith, people.


February 12:  It was the night of the show. Friends (better known as family) came together the night prior to help set up the stage, backdrop, and electrical wiring. The sound system was in place, lighting was good to go. Setup was complete. And somehow, it was 7 PM and people were waiting for doors to open. The band tried to find a quiet place to pray and to refocus on what was about to happen. I remember the blank stares from awe instead of boredom across all of our faces. And it’s hard to explain what happened from here on out. The only thing I know is that it was real. The Spirit in that room is real. Yes, light bulbs were screwed in to the back drop. Yes, people got great video footage. Yes, you can watch the video that a community made from the website we just launched. But infinitely more important than all logistics and months of effort is the truth that we sang from our souls. We sang songs that were pointed towards hope and Heaven. We sang from the souls that God gave us, the souls that Kingdom Songs come out of, the souls that the world so desperately wants to steal from us. But we sang boldly about the truth that our souls sing to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We sang loud not because we wanted other people in the room to hear us, but because we wanted the God of Grace to hear. We dug down deep into what God intended for the night and we dwelt there. It was beautiful. He was listening, He is listening and it’s beautiful. Much past that, I know nothing, and i don’t think I need to. But I do know that whatever happened that night… was real.




  1. Melissa is right – it was a very real night. God was present and He it was evident on every person’s face. Thank you for providing the environment and opportunity for Him to shine!

  2. So excited for you and what God is gonna do through you all.

  3. So excited and thrilled for what God did in all of the hearts of the children of God that were there on February 12! What an amazing picture of Christ’s children looking to him and being awed by his glory. So glad you guys pulled it all together and glorified the Lord in the process of it all. Praise God. Praying for you bellarive!

  4. Wow, Praise God. This is so encouraging to hear and see and I want to see you guys play more places. Something that has been on my heart is to play at various venues and just worship and stay in that city for more than one night, probably 2 or 3 days to just revive the city and bring resurrection power and life. So I am very encouraged with what you all are doing! Keep it up and keep running the race! Love you guys!

  5. It’s so refreshing to see such a beautiful website with such wonderful music. Your look and sound brings life into communities that don’t even realize they’re searching for the love of God. May the creativity of the ultimate creator continue to both inspire, and bring life through you to those around you.

    Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

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