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Behind The Song – #1

Behind The Song – #1

Hey there, friend. We’ve decided to hop back on the good ol’ blog writing train. Welcome!

We figured this could be a great platform for some more insight about songs off of the new record, “The Heartbeat”. So in this little series of blogs, you may get a post about personal insights from band members that will go a few layers deeper than what the music has to say, Scripture that has inspired specific imagery, etc. Now… This could get a bit weird if you don’t know what our intentions are. We promise that the reason for this series is not to show you how awesome we think we are (because we are not awesome. Rest assured you are way cooler than us. No question about it.) but simply to put our hearts on the table. We are on the same team with you in this Kingdom bringing life, so we wanted to bring you into more of the story that God chose to write through these songs. May these words merely be tools that aid in your encounter with the Creator.



  • Surrender brings the sweetest freedom.
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